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“What if we could create a world where you don’t own anything and in that way you’re not owned by your things.”

Adjusting for the future

More than 65% of the Nordic population believes that we can solve the climate crisis. But they think that there are no businesses that in an easy way make it possible for them to contribute to solving this, and that is why Beleco decided to do something about it.

Beleco is a furniture rental company that has its heart in a circular economy, “a world where you don’t own anything and in that way you’re not owned by your things.”

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Frontend, Backend, Project management, CTO

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A journey towards making it easier to decorate sustainable.

During our collaboration with Beleco, we developed their digital platform by providing them with a team to complement their existing tech department.

In order for Beleco to launch their business according to plan, we stepped in with a broad variety of tech competence. The skill sets within our team ranged from specialized frontend and backend developers, but also with project management skills.

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Implemented with the future in mind

We helped Beleco to move from their previous CMS-driven system to a new tailor-made microservice-based system, in order to support their development in future phases. We also helped Beleco to improve its general development processes. For example by implementing certain scrum/agile practices, making it easier and more transparent for stakeholders to provide input and track its progress. As well as creating a large-scale road map for every stakeholder to approve, in order to reach alignment within the development.

We got even more than we expected from VNTRS, fast help to develop the platform, but at the same time not having to sacrifice quality. The only negative part was that we couldn’t steal their CTO.”

Sebastian Rudenstam Co-Founder and CBDO of Beleco

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All the way to lift-off


Get ready for lift-off

All the way to lift-off

We’ve got your back all the way - from fine-tuning your go-to-market strategy, designing the user-experience to choosing the adequate scope for the first release and deciding on the technology, through project management and product ownership, up to the lift-off.

Amanda Enocksson Head of VNTRS Studio

Amanda Enocksson

Head of VNTRS Studio

Maria Bergsten

Maria Bergsten

Investment Manager