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Reach your next KPI target and increase valuation to attract new funding opportunities. This package helps you implement the right strategies, marketing activities, and innovative thinking to accelerate your growth with measurable results.


Have a pitch deck and a prototype, and want to get your first buying customers?

Let’s get ready for liftoff

Time to impress those investors

Growth hacking, funnel marketing, CRO, optimizing ARRR-metrics - call it what you want. For us, it all boils down to implementing a framework, getting our hands dirty, and doing optimizations that produce a significant effect. No matter if you need to bring in more B2B leads or have problems converting or activating your current users.

Growth process

It's vital to align the team with the growth process and adopt a fail-fast-and-learn mentality. But we also want to understand your goals, KPIs and dreams.

Growth audit

In a growth audit, we dig deep into your business, from persona and customer journey to previous campaigns, channels, and growth funnels. We want to know everything!

Analytics Audit

We'll perform an analytics audit to ensure you can draw insights from reliable data. If anything is broken or not in place, we take care of it!

Funnel optimisation

We spend most of our time in the experiment stage. Which means that we systematically experiment with sensible hypotheses and learn from those.

Let's lay out the growth plans!

We always begin our venture together by having a Discovery Workshop to determine where you are in your journey and how we best accelerate your growth. From your customer journey and current metrics to valuation and future goals.

Taking care of business

What learnings and qualitative and quantitative input have led you to where you are the day? Which hard proof do we have that you will succeed? We’ll go through everything from your current traction, metrics, product-road-map, and go-to-market strategy, to pricing models and your target groups.

Your growth plans

We’ll talk about where you are in your growth journey today. How do we raise your valuation? And what is the next goal and which resources are missing in order to take your next step on your journey to becoming a unicorn? Do we need to increase paying customers? Or accelerate product development?

The team is everything

We want to invest and work with teams that show grit, intelligence, and moral integrity. We’ll look into how to fit you and your team in taking the product to market, and also how culturally fit we are together.

Your technical expertise

Tech and digital products are what we know and what we believe will empower the future. Here we will have an opportunity to understand your tech stack and needs. This will be followed up by a more thorough tech due diligence.

Imagine having all the construction information in one place. That would revolutionise the industry.
How we helped Combify with their growth pains and get more buying customers and more investments

Some of our proud ventures

Expo payFloatDin PsykologCombifyJoina


Accelerate your growth

Take it to the next round

With everything from setting up a growth strategy, reviewing your current customer journey and interviewing existing customers, we’ll take you and your venture to the next level! All to accelerate your growth, product development and increase your valuation for the next investment round.

 Head of VNTRS Studio

Amanda Enocksson

Head of VNTRS Studio

Investment Manager

Maria Bergsten

Investment Manager

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Our work spans from early stage startups, to large corporations. In any industry. But always with focus on people & tech.

Strawbees case item

Strawbees’ system makes STEAM accessible for beginners and promotes learning engagement.

Combify item background

Tracks tens of thousands of projects daily through a subscription-based cloud service for the construction industry in order to give insights that otherwise can be lost.

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A furniture rental company that has its heart in a circular economy, “a world where you don’t own anything and in that way you’re not owned by your things.”


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