Get your venture ready for liftoff

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With this package you’ll go from pitching for investments to launching an MVP-version of your product. We have the resources you need to get your first paying customers, and be ready for future investments.


Got paying customers and want to accelerate?

Accelerate your growth

Make sure that you and your business are ready

We want to make it more likely for your venture to succeed and not to become part of the grim statistics. That's why we'll work with:

Analytics and KPI

Set the foundation for analytics and KPI’s

Willingness to pay

Research your customers willingness-to-pay

Go-to-market strategy

Work on your go-to-market strategy, pricing or business model

Pitch deck

Fill in the gaps on your investments pitch

It all starts here

We always begin our venture together by having a Discovery Workshop to determine where you are on your journey, how we can help you go-to-market and if we are right for each other.

Taking care of business

We’ll go through everything from your go-to-market strategy, to pricing models and your target groups. This will help us assess how far along you are with your overall strategy and business plan.

Your product road map

We start small from the beginning and scale over time. First, we’ll determine how far along you are in your product development, and from that, the possible scalability over time.

The team is everything

We want to invest and work with teams that show grit, intelligence, and moral integrity. We’ll look into how to fit you and your team are in taking the product to market, and also how culturally fit we are together.

Eat, sleep and breathe tech

Tech and digital products are what we know and what we believe will empower the future. Here we will have an opportunity to understand your tech stack and needs. This will be followed up by a more thorough tech due diligence.

What if we could create a world where you don’t own anything and in that way you’re not owned by your things.
How we helped Beleco venture from being an early-stage startup to changing the world towards where we own less.

Some of our proud ventures

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Get ready for lift-off

All the way to lift-off

We’ve got your back all the way - from fine-tuning your go-to-market strategy, and designing the user experience to choosing the adequate scope for the first release and deciding on the technology, through project management and product ownership, up to the lift-off.

 Head of VNTRS Studio

Amanda Enocksson

Head of VNTRS Studio

Investment Manager

Maria Bergsten

Investment Manager

Where good ideas create change

Our work spans from early stage startups, to large corporations. In any industry. But always with focus on people & tech.

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Strawbees’ system makes STEAM accessible for beginners and promotes learning engagement.

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A furniture rental company that has its heart in a circular economy, “a world where you don’t own anything and in that way you’re not owned by your things.”

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Tracks tens of thousands of projects daily through a subscription-based cloud service for the construction industry in order to give insights that otherwise can be lost.


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