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A key part when building successful companies, is the team and people behind it. Their passion, competence and grit. As we come together to build companies, we can use the same ingredients as consultants. This let’s us infuse entreprenuership right into your own organisation.


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The people behind are what matters

It’s not just about getting a resource with competence. We believe in getting the right person to your team. VNTRS consultants come with great experience in building successful startups and innovative digital products. We are all entrepreneurs - and what makes VNTRS unique is our people!

Tech development

Frontend development, Backend development, Mobile development

UX/UI Design

Product design, Brand strategy & identity, Interactive prototypes, Wireframes, Mockups

Growth specialist

Funnel optimisation, User acquisition, Business dev (business modelling, go-to-market strategy, market research).

Product & project management

Product vision & strategy, Product roadmap, Product statement & solution exploration.

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VNTRS has been a valued partner providing excellent insights, great innovation ideas and strong support throughout our strategic development journey.

Henrik Olsson, CEO Fasticon

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Expertise on tap

Boost your organisation with entrepreneurial consultants

The people behind are everything. Level up your organisation with an entrepreneurial consultant or a whole team of them. Be it by setting up a growth strategy, working with your brand or adding an extra member to your existing product design and development team, we'll make sure that we ignite your companies with true passion and energy.

Director of Consulting & Partnership

Kim Ahlbom

Director of Consulting & Partnership


Kristaps Prusis


Where good ideas create change

Our work spans from early stage startups to large corporations. In any industry. But always with focus on people & tech.

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Tracks tens of thousands of projects daily through a subscription-based cloud service for the construction industry in order to give insights that otherwise can be lost.

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Strawbees’ system makes STEAM accessible for beginners and promotes learning engagement.

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A furniture rental company that has its heart in a circular economy, “a world where you don’t own anything and in that way you’re not owned by your things.”


It's the people behind that mean everything

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