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Where good ventures become successful

We create successful companies together with our clients by providing the right type of competence within tech, growth, design, and business development at the right time.

This is VNTRS

We believe that too many great ideas fall short due to the wrong reasons – we exist to change that.

Yes, we are consultants but we don’t consider ourselves as such. It’s a cornerstone belief of ours that we get the best chances to reach success by sitting on the same side of the table with our clients and work as one team. 
By combining our experience of creating innovative and user centric products with your knowledge of the market and business, we will challenge each other to find the best way forward.

Examples of our offerings:

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We are passionate about start-ups, technology and creating digital products and experiences. 

We are industry agnostic with experience from various fields. Regardless if you are an entrepreneur with a business idea looking for funding, a scaleup in need of tech competence or a large enterprise looking to innovate – we are here to help.

VNTRS investments

We want to share both risk and upside together with our clients, partners and co-workers. This is why investments are a critical part of VNTRS. 

It’s important for us that we have the same incentives, work closely together and challenge each other to get the best results. When investing, we also partner up for the long-term and we’ll do everything we can to support your growth journey. With VNTRS as a sweat equity partner, we can help you reach your next critical milestone starting tomorrow, and we can do it in a cost efficient and smart way. 

Life at VNTRS


At VNTRS we encourage all-in-mentality, open and honest discussions, space for creativity, and room for laughter.

We are passionate about start-ups, technology, and creating digital products and experiences.

Our culture is built on inclusion and transparency. Every individual is equally important in VNTRS.


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