We live by taking risks and sharing the upside

VNTRS is a consultant and investment company. We help entrepreneurs and large corporations to build innovative digital products and services. But we’re not like any other consultant firm.

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Why work at VNTRS?

We believe in shared incentives in everything we do.

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We are not for everyone. Since we “sit in the same boat” and have the same goals as our clients, we also share the same responsibilities, risks and upsides. Everyone at VNTRS  gets an exclusive right to invest part of their salary in the promising startups that VNTRS invest in. 

That is why we constantly strive to find great people who in addition to being awesome at what they do, also are leaders and entrepreneurs at heart. We look for people who actively want to be involved in shaping VNTRS and the companies we work with. All in all,  we search for people that are passionate about our goal to make good ideas successful globally and to make the world a slightly better place.

VNTRS purpose

Our Vision

Today, less than 1 out of 10 startups become successful. Many of them are good ideas that aim to solve a problem that would make the world a better place. Sadly, plenty fail due to reasons that could have been avoided – We are here to change this.

VNTRS vision is a world where good ideas become successful.

Good ideas can stem both from entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs. What they have in common is the potential to become profitable, as well as being aligned with the United Nations Global Goals.

Join us in our efforts to globally change the statistics of how many startups become successful!


VNTRS Mission

Our Mission

Our mission is to each and every day challenge ourselves to become even better at transforming good ideas into successful tech companies.

The result so far is a Northern European door opening Venture studio that believes in shared incentives, to work hands on tightly together with our clients and to maintain a data-driven mindset in all steps of the journey.

Viktor and Mikael

External board members

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Boel Sjöstrand

Boel boasts a high profile within tech where she helped build Netlight Consulting and was formerly CEO at Wise Professionals.

Boel is Currently CEO at Linkura and she is passionate about equality and diversity.

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Jonas Hernlund

Jonas Hernlund is the CCO at Einride and an experienced entrepreneur, engineer and business builder. 

Jonas was previously Head of Investors & Startups of Northern Europe at Google.