What is VNTRS?

VNTRS is a place that I use to connect with people (maybe you!) and tell them a bit about who I am / what I do. VNTRS is said “ventures”, and it’s a name I like because it sort of defines what I do, in both business and life. I venture.

Who is Sam Eitzen?

I’m a 27 year old serial entrepreneur. Not cereal – though that might happen someday. I hang around the Seattle area, but I live in Gig Harbor, one of the most beautiful towns on the planet IMHO. I work all over the place helping grow companies, some my own and some not.

I spent the first 17 years of my life in Morocco (North Africa) and am fluent in French and Arabic (a Moroccan dialect of Arabic). Since I moved from there, I’ve lived in areas around London, Los Angeles, and now Seattle.

I like to ideate, write, drink coffee, and start companies. If I sound like a person you’d get along with, you should get in touch –> ☕

Current Companies:

  • Marketing Director at Rhino Camera Gear, a hardware startup near Seattle making waves in the camera gear industry.
  • Co-Founder at The SnapBar, the coolest and one of the fastest growing photo experience companies in the Pacific Northwest.
  • Biz Dev leader at Partstash.com, a startup in the auto industry getting ready to reinvent the car club experience.
  • Co-Founder at MNML DEV, a private app-development company working on passion projects in Seattle and San Fransisco.

Other Things I Do:

  • I consult with various startups and local organizations on things like business development, social media strategy, and marketing musts (like branding and online reputation).
  • I travel as much as I can and have travelled through Europe extensively.
  • I co-founded a secret dining society in Tacoma. It’s all I can say about it, other than go here –> www.thesecretsaucesociety.com
  • I’m developing the business strategy for one of the coolest food trucks you’ll ever eat from. More info coming soon :)