Making STEAM education easy

The award-winning Swedish EdTech company, Strawbees, is a building & coding STEAM solution, with proven hands-on methodology and high student engagement.


‘Let kids create the change our world needs!’

Strawbees’ system makes STEAM accessible for beginners and promotes learning engagement. Their ecosystem of learning tools is ideal for developing creative confidence and problem-solving skills of kids everywhere, regardless of age or ability. Resulting in teachers recognizing a significant increase in student engagement.


We helped Strawbees bring to market their new online platform, Strawbees Classroom, in terms of both UX, UI and development. Initially, we created UX wireframes to take decisions and align as a team. We also helped the tech team to decide what tools to use and how to define the structure of the development part of the project. In a very agile way, we started developing a proof of concept that became a very fine, tuned project in the end.


Engaging in a cooperative way with the client in order to create products that would help the teachers to engage with the students





UX & UI wireframes


We worked in a sprint-based workflow where we would do a weekly analysis of our development, focusing on test-driven processes so that our code worked as we intended it to do in the end.

The development team from VNTRS was composed by André Ferreira and Andrea De Santo that complemented Paulo Barcelos, the backend developer at Strawbees. On the design team, we had Daniel Roda from VNTRS that was complementing the Strawbees team.



Main technologies used

NextJS  NodeJS, React development framework enabling server and client-side functionalities

Netlify  Serverless CMS

Vercel  Hosting service for static sites and frontend frameworks, built to integrate with headless content, commerce, or database

Auth0  Extensibility framework that executes serverless functions on triggers

Firebase  Cloud Storage, a simple object storage service built for Google scale

Figma  Design, prototype & gather feedback


“Launching a new digital product isn’t easy, but VNTRS helped us accelerate it tremendously! With a great process and top-notch designers & developers working tightly with our team, we got our MVP out in record time!”  Paulo Barcelos, Co-Founder and CTO at Strawbees

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