Improving quality of life for diabetes patients

Building a platform to gather and analyse data from a diabetes-patient’s CGM sensor.

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Digital Diabetes Analytics is a healthcare startup that aims to deliver digital, data-driven, and high-quality care, for people with type 1 and type 2 diabetes.

We at VNTRS have helped them develop a medical device that analyses glucose data from CGM-sensors and provides an automated analysis of raw data through Algorithms and Machine Learning.




Build a platform to gather and analyse data from a diabetes-patient’s CGM sensor

The caregivers journey, which is everything from uploading new patients into the system, uploading and handling patient data, as well as analysing this data in PowerBi (which is integrated in the DDA platform). 

The patient journey – where they themselves can upload their own data and visualise and edit their patient profile. Behind all of this the system is also communicating with an AI system which will provide the final data being analysed in PowerBi by the caregivers.

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We built a complete platform that acts as a medical tool for both caregivers and patients.


Digital Diabetes Analytics wanted to create a “Certified Medical Device” according to the new MDR regulatory specification.

Project requirements put a lot of focus on the development process, and system architecture.

Therefore, we decided on using a modern and lean tech stack consisting of a Python/Django, React, PostgreSQL, Elastx for hosting and PowerBi for visualising analysed data.


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Pre-studies to evaluate feasibility.

Establishing architectural goals.

UX/UI wireframes to have a joint view.

Development, hosting, and maintenance.

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Working agile and embracing the unknowns in order to make decisions as they come.

We worked in an agile way – continuously gathering feedback from clinicians, iterating and making minor changes to the product accordingly without losing momentum. 

We chose a tech stack for DDA that we felt would maximise the efficiency and simplify the development process.

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Technologies used

Backend (Django – Python)

Frontend (React – JavaScript)

Database (PostgreSQL)

Infrastructure (Elastx, Terraform)


In this project, we have been experiencing challenges with understanding legal requirements, and with the fact that CE-certification was not designed for modern SaaS services.

Nevertheless, with combined efforts, continuous learning, and numerous years of technical expertise, we managed to create a product that will improve the quality of life for diabetes patients.

This was an amazing journey, and we are proud to be a part of it!

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