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Easy access to building information that is usually scattered on the web


Combify’s mission is to digitalize the construction industry.

The construction industry has been among the slowest to digitalize.  Project documentation among stakeholders is still very analog. The lack of finding relevant project information at the right time has resulted in waste of time, money, and resources. We helped Combify to build the infrastructure that will revolutionize the industry.


Build a platform that provides complicated and large amounts of data in a user-friendly way

When we got in contact with Combify they had already validated their solution with pilot customers and had even more customers in their pipeline. Since they already validated their solution, we initially started by helping Combify to define and build the MVP of their product. The work meant basically creating the entire platform from scratch.


Build a platform that can support large and intricate datasets as well as having a platforms that allow users to interact.




Project management




We set up a solid architecture in order to support the large and intricate dataset that Combify aimed to store and visualize within their platform. As well as building the backend and frontend to allow the users to interact with the platform.

Initially, we were responsible for building the MVP for the first phases, but once Combify had recruited their own CTO and parts of their own tech team – we instead supported Combify’s own tech team and helped them take the product to the next level along with growth strategies for the future.

Technologies used

Backend — Django-REST (Python) w. PostgreSQL
Frontend — React.js
Infrastructure — Multiple kubernetes clusters running in Google Cloud, coupled with Github Actions for continuous deployments


“By working together with VNTRS, I have realised the value of asking experts for help. I have been able to learn so much more than I could have ever imagined.” Alaa Alshawa Co-Founder and CEO of Combify 

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