The story behind Beleco and our collaboration

It all started in 2016 when Sebastian got a phone call from his mother regarding an idea that she had been thinking about for quite a while. A couple of minutes into the discussion Sebastian hung up the phone to call his friend Pontus. Sebastian and Pontus had previously worked on an app together but when this idea came to mind they decided to leave their idea to put their hearts into this project. Everything moved at a fast pace and in 2017 Beleco got accepted to the incubator Sting, where they got their first investor. This enabled them to start building upon their idea and the first version of the platform so that they could start testing later in the fall the same year.

Fast forward a year to 2018, Beleco went for a bigger seed round and managed to get 18 MSEK and a CTO to their team. With the momentum that Beleco now had, they wanted and needed to move quickly to start developing their platform for the second round.

As the Beleco team was looking for developers they had a conversation with one of their investors who introduced them to VNTRS.

When we met Beleco, they had already completed their first validation by creating an MVP that they had tested with clients and could confirm that there was a need and demand in their potential market. Since they had multiple customers and saw many more in their pipeline, they needed a high functioning and scalable platform, and they needed it fast.

As a next step in the process we always make sure that design (UX/UI) is in place. Since Beleco had done that work themselves, we dived directly into the development phase.

The founders started interviewing some of our software developers and “got sold” immediately when they met our CTO, Johan Berglind. It was love at first sight. Social developers and a CTO with high competence in both tech and business was exactly the kind of team they were looking for.

Beleco wanted to work closely with the developers during this intense project. Therefore a few of our developers moved into Beleco´s office. Sebastian describes how they even became a part of their team, which made it easier to communicate and contributed to an efficient collaboration.

When starting to work with us, the founders expected to get challenged and hear our point of view on how the platform could be developed since that was the reason they hired experts from the beginning.

The whole process ran smoothly without any major issues and the project resulted in the platform Beleco wanted and needed in order to be able to launch the platform and be prepared for their second round.

“We got even more than we expected from VNTRS; fast help to develop the platform without having to sacrifice quality. The only negative part was that we couldn't steal the CTO” – Sebastian Rudenstam

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